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Things to do around the campsite

Toilets & showers

You will find at the campsitemobile toilet cabins ("Dixi Klo") with daily cleaning, as well

Showers and sinks with cold water.


Here you will find all current information about the MotoGP from the ADAC Sachsenring


Animals are with us permitted.

We ask you to take them on a leash if necessary.

to eat and drink


Breakfast 7:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m

Dinner & Bar

>"Restaurant at the gym"

First aid

Not far from the campsite you will find the Schwalbenhof, there is one here first aid point where you can get medical care.


The surrounding forests and meadows invite you to go for a walk, discover nature or just relax.


It is no reservation for
electricity possible!

Depending on the workload, this supply is guaranteed.

Charge cell phone

in the inner courtyard of the Schwalbenhof is there a cell phone charging station. There you can charge your device around the clock.


If you are looking for a cool down then you can visit the following addresses:

Sommerbad Gersdorf

Outdoor pool New World "Puddle"

Events & offers at the Schwalbenhof

  • Breakfast buffet €8
    (no reservation necessary)

here you can also only buy bread rolls

  • Lunch and dinner every day


  • Music and bar every night

  • Saturday evening - Racepardude

You can find more questions and the right answers in our FAQ.

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