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~ FAQ ~

  • How is the situation at the racetrack?
    The race track (grandstands T5 - T9) can be reached in 15 minutes on foot. 🏍️
  • Where can I park my vehicle?
    Cars can of course be parked on the campsite. Motorcycles may be accommodated in a gated property. (Please inquire beforehand!)
  • Where can I find toilets and showers?
    Mobile toilet cabins ("Dixi-Klo") with daily cleaning are available on the campsite. Shower and sink with cold water are included in the price.
  • Where can I find a petrol station nearby?
    The following petrol stations are nearby: HEM petrol station, Goldbachstraße 19c, 09353 Oberlungwitz (2.7 km - 5 min car) Shell, Platanenstraße 2, 09350 Lichtenstein/Saxony (4.5 km - 7 min car)
  • Is it possible to pay by card on site?
    No, we only accept cash. You can find ATMs at the race track or in the neighboring town (Sparkasse, Hauptstraße 107, 09337 Bernsdorf, car 5 min, 2.7 km)
  • Are animals allowed?
    Yes, pets are allowed on the campsite. To protect other people, please put them on a leash if necessary.
  • Where can I find first aid?
    If you are injured or other people need medical help, you will find a first aid station at Schwalbenhof.
  • Can I arrive earlier?
    Arrival is possible from Thursday. If you wish to arrive earlier, this must be agreed with us beforehand.
  • What should I consider when arriving and departing?
    The approach on Friday and Saturday should always be from the west via the towns of Bernsdorf (A72, B173) or St. Egidien / Rüsdorf (A4). The B180 in the local areas of Hohenstein-Ernstthal, Hermsdorf and Oberlungwitz is closed on these days. Experience has shown that departure on Sunday is smooth and free of traffic jams, ideally in a westerly direction.
  • Is there electricity at the campsite?
    Electricity is limited but not guaranteed. (Not even through a prior request or reservation.) As a result, it may happen that, despite our best efforts, the power fails for a short time. Questions in this regard can be clarified upon arrival on site.
  • How much does the electricity cost?
    Electricity cannot be booked, only possible on site depending on availability. If you use an electricity connection, you have to pay a daily fee. The one-time fee is €25
  • What to do if the power goes out?
    Please first check the cables and connections from you to the next distribution point. Someone else may have accidentally pulled a plug. If you don't find what you're looking for, please contact the campsite staff.😉
  • Can I use my own generator?
    The operation of your own emergency generators is generally prohibited on the campsite. 🚨
  • Where can I charge my cell phone?
    You will find a mobile phone charging station in the inner courtyard of the Schwalbenhof.
  • Is there a supermarket or a shopping facility nearby?
    You will find the following supermarkets in the area, but they are not within walking distance: Penny - Oberlungwitz 09383, Stollberger Str. 1 (2.3 km - 5 min car) Edeka Simmel - Lichtenstein, Auersberg Center, Platanenstraße 4, 09356 St. Egidien (4.4 km - 7 min car) ALDI North - Lichtenstein, Auersberg Center, Platanenstraße 4, 09356 St. Egidien (4.4 km - 7 min car) Penny - St. Egidien, Schulstraße 10B, 09356 St. Egidien (4.5 km - 7 min car) Alternatively, you can also find something at the following gas stations: HEM gas station - Oberlungwitz, Goldbachstraße 19c, 09353 Oberlungwitz (2.7 km - 5 min car) Shell - Lichtenstein, Platanenstraße 2, 09350 Lichtenstein/Saxony (4.5 km - 7 min car)
  • Is a grill or gas cooker allowed on the campsite?
    A grill or gas cooker may be used on the campsite in compliance with the current fire protection regulations. WARNING! Open fires (campfires, fire barrels, fire bowls, etc.) or any kind of pyrotechnics are prohibited on the entire camping site! The instructions of the stewards and staff must be followed!
  • Where is there food and drink?
    There are two restaurants in the immediate vicinity (approx. 500 m) ("Gaststätte an der Turnhalle" and the "Bärliebengut"). Our “Schwalbenhof" guesthouse is located opposite the campsite entrance. There is a variety of inexpensive lunch to dinner options and draft beer. It is also possible to have breakfast here (price: €8.00 per person).
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